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Discover French children’s magazines (from toddlers to teenagers), and the subscriptions offered by UNI-Presse
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    Disney girl
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    Le Journal de Mickey
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Keep up with French news from anywhere in the world. Subscribe to any of our News magazines. To suit your needs and interests, we offer subscriptions to daily titles, as well as publications that specialize in economics, finance, science, world news, and more.
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    Courrier International
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  • Alternatives économiques
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  • Mieux vivre votre argent
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    Ici Paris
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Subscribe to your favourite French lifestyle magazine. UNI-Presse offers a generous choice of magazines, journals, and reviews. Our catalogue of publications covers fashion, family, food, interior design, decoration, and much more.
Subscribe to your favourite art, travel, literary or musical publications, auto reviews, photography and technology magazines, and sports rags: find your favourites in our vast catalogue of 650 French press publications.
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