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Children + Teens Subscriptions

Discover our Children + Teens subscription offers (infants, toddlers, children, preteens, and young adults). Read more
Our kid's magazines will help your child learn everything they need to know, enriching their imagination and taking them along on adventures with their favorite heroes. From infancy to adolescence, our vast catalog at UNI-Presse will accompany your child in becoming an avid reader. For infants, we suggest Papoum, Picoti, and Popi For toddlers : Abricot, Babar, Grau, Toupie, Princesse Disney, and more ! For new readers: J'aime lire, Astrapi, Toboggan -- our best-sellers in kid's publications ! Preteens have plenty of options: Arkeo Junior, J'aime Lire Max, Albert, Arkeo Junior, Okapi, 1 jour 1 actu... And finally, check out our subscriptions for adolescents to help them cultivate their centers of interest: Tout Comprendre, L'Actu, Geo Ado, and even publications in English to help them prepare for their studies!
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    Disney girl
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    Le Journal de Mickey
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News Magazines Subscriptions

Keeping up-to-date with current  events has never been more important in today's knowledge society. This is why we're dedicated to bringing you the highest-quality information you can get your hands on. Read more
Keep up with French news from anywhere in the world. Subscribe to any of our News magazines. To suit your needs and interests, we offer subscriptions to daily titles, as well as publications that specialize in economics, finance, science, world news, and more. Stay abreast of the latest news all over the world by subscribing to our News magazines! Here, you'll find all the information you need. Dailies, weeklies, monthlies, and more -- don't miss anything on our rapidly-evolving world! Don't miss out on our most popular (and well-priced) magazines : Canard Enchaîné, Le Monde, Jeune Afrique, Charlie Hebdo, L’OBS, and many more! Our dynamic team is at your disposal and is dedicated to accompanying you in your subscription process. Don't hesitate to check out our subscription offers; we ship to over 190 countries!
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    Courrier International
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  • Alternatives économiques
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  • Mieux vivre votre argent
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    Ici Paris
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Lifestyle Subscriptions

Subscribe to your favourite French lifestyle magazine. UNI-Presse offers a generous choice of magazines, journals, and reviews. Our catalogue of publications covers fashion, family, food, interior design, decoration, and much more. Read more
Our style magazines keep you up to date on the newest trends Our women's magazines combine discoveries in culture and the contemporary world, opening up new creative fields. Our game magazines will help you think and become more productive. Crosswords, Sudokus, quizzes, and more! Find creative recipes, great wine pairings, and the latest news in cuisine. All the know-how and expertise of French gastronomy will enrich your culinary moments! Finally, develop your handyman spirit with our decoration, home and garden subscriptions! All year round, you'll receive accessible decoration solutions to help you live in a home that feels like one. You'll also find our bestsellers -- Elle, Elle decoration, Marmiton, Objectif Grand Paris, Parents, Arts&Décoration, and more. Be sure to check out our diverse subscription offers; we ship to 190 countries!

Culture & Leisure Magazines Subscriptions

Do you love culture and leisure? With our dedicated titles, you'll get a personalized tour! Here, you'll find publications on cinema, music, photography, sports, arts & literature, and more. Read more
Find culture and leisure magazine subscriptions at the best prices, and keep up-to-date on the latest films, exhibitions, and more! Subscriptions give you easy and continued access to culture and leisure, appropriate for any age. You'll find ways to contribute to the emergence of a society where all are recognized, finding new ways to live in harmony. Join us to create a world of connections and the free exchange of ideas. Discover our stimulating publications, as useful to your professional life as they are to the personal and educational. Here you'll find monthly and annual publications, and non-binding subscriptions to suit your needs and interests. Don't miss any news in culture! Check out our publications, and keep in mind that we ship to over 190 countries!
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