Socialter brings readers the latest on social economy and its transitions. Its goal is to inform, inspire, and mobilize citizens by promoting innovations that have a positive impact on the environment.

Socialter is the new generation’s economics magazine. It brings to the fore methods to help you achieve your zero-waste goals. It also brings to light methods of collaborative and circular economics. Plus, it takes on concerns around collapse. This magazine gives the floor to leading thinkers of contemporary issues and unpacks alternative solutions for its readers. How can we act, from this moment on, to mitigate climate disasters? Added to this, you’ll also find information about the latest socio-economic stakes in the face of major issues.

A subscription to Socialter allows you to better understand the economic innovations in today’s society. You’ll thus be able to better understand environmental perspectives. This magazine seeks to explore the latest in ecological transitions while also examining its social and political possibilities. It keeps readers up to date on a world that’s constantly evolving, but that needs to confront how human progress can be compatible with its surroundings.

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