Alternatives économiques

Alternatives économiques: A new look at the economy

Thanks to your subscription to Alternatives économiques, each month you’ll benefit from a fresh look at economic news. The monthly magazine offers a point of view focused on the collective and social issues of globalization and capitalism.

Alternatives économiques presents the economy as a collective and social issue: environment, globalization, family, employment, economic growth, health. It deals with all the subjects of this broad theme. Discover complete files in a clear and accessible language in order to better understand the issues and the world around us. Indeed, the magazine deciphers and makes in-depth analyses of the economic world.

At UNI-Presse, get your subscription to this magazine at the best price, delivered to 190 countries worldwide! Take advantage of this opportunity to stay on top of the major trends in the general economy with the help of our specialized press magazines. If you want to learn more about economic analysis and benefit from useful and reliable information, then subscribe to Alternatives Economiques to better understand the world around you, and understand everything about the important subjects that concern you directly. Find all our economic subscriptions, as well as our specialized press titles. Our website is also available in French.


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