A leading French newspaper, L’OBS offers direct analysis of political, social, cultural news, both in France and abroad.

In a time of information overload, L’OBS brings you a different way of keeping yourself informed. Each week, you’ll get the very latest news in this magazine. Known for its commitment to free speech, this weekly publication brings you pertinent analyses on French and international news.

L’OBS brings readers in-depth investigations on all the most pressing issues in today’s societies. Week after week, you’ll develop a better understanding of French culture as well as international ones. Loads of different domains are taken on in these pages, from problems linked to the environment to politics and culture.

With long-form investigations, reporting from the field, as well as debates on contemporary situations, L’OBS chooses to tell stories that mix intellect and pleasure. They’re committed to bringing you the scoop. With committed field reporting, the intelligence in these pages is palpable. Plus, you’ll also get all the latest in arts and culture!

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