L’Express International

L’Express International : information that goes beyond borders !

Created in 1966, L’Express International is one of the foremost French papers in the world. It offers a window onto French news for expatriates, as well as a French perspective on international events.

Each week, you’ll get articles on important themes from political, economic, social, and cultural news. In-depth analyses will allow you to decrypt independently. With in-depth investigations and exclusive reports, you’ll have the tools to form your own opinion on current events. In L’Express International, all the subjects that are being debated in France and abroad are examined. After being explained and analyzed, they are put into perspective. The magazine gives priority to continuous news in order to better apprehend and detect the subjects addressed.

This magazine will enrich your knowledge of the world and will allow you to understand the events that concern all of us. If you are interested in what is happening in the world as well as in France, subscribe to l’Express international. Because French and world information should be accessible wherever you live, we deliver to over 190 countries. Find all our general news subscriptions, as well as other specialized press titles.  You can also check out our catalog in French.


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