J’aime lire

Many generations of children have discovered the pleasure of reading with J’aime Lire. For 40 years, J’aime Lire has been taking its little readers on marvelous adventures in storytelling.

In each issue, you’ll find a captivating novella, cartoons, games, and jokes. Make reading a pleasure!

In each issue of J’aime Lire, you’ll find a captivating story that little ones will learn to read like a grown-up ! Plus, you’ll get comic strips, games, and jokes. The unique content will show kids early that reading rhymes with fun. Thanks to fun comic strips, kids also learn to read different forms and appreciate diversity. Thanks to games and their instructions, little ones will get a chance to concentrate on words in order to decipher their meaning. Plus, they’ll get better at solving problems!

With each issue of J’aime Lire, children will get more comfortable with reading. Thanks to J’aime Lire’s intriguing stories and beautiful illustrations, kids learn early that reading is loads of fun for the imagination. These stories will transport you and your little one into new and wonderful worlds.

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