Our Mission

UNI-Presse making the French press available worldwide

70 years of serving the French press

The mission of the UNI-Presse association is to encourage and promote French culture and language throughout the world. It began in 1948 as part of the Service d’Exportation de l’Union Syndicale de la Presse Périodique (itself set up in 1946). Today UNI-Presse offers publications by all of France’s main publishers, and across all sectors of publishing: general interest, scientific, medical, legal, technical, literary, etc.

UNI-Presse is the bridge between its member publishers and millions of French-speaking readers throughout the world, as well as working for the promotion of the French press in every corner of the world. Thanks to UNI-Presse, each year new readers in more than 190 countries are discovering and enjoying some 650 French publications, both general and special interest.

UUNI-Presse is financed by the subscriptions of its member publishers, and by a grant from the French Government (fonds d’aide à l’expansion de la presse française à l’étranger).

Meeting those who like to read in French…

UNI-Presse works in collaboration with existing French cultural networks throughout the world: the Alliances Françaises, Chambers of Commerce, the cultural services of the French Embassies, the offices for linguistic and cultural cooperation, the various Instituts Français, etc. UNI-Presse organizes itinerant exhibitions, meeting those who, wherever they are in the world, like to read in French. UNI-Presse has a “French Press” stand at all the major Book Fairs.

Subscribe to the French press from anywhere in the world !

Thanks to UNI-Presse, you can subscribe to over 600 publications from the French Press. Subscribers can sign up in various ways: at the secure uni-presse.fr website; at the stands at the various exhibitions or Book Fairs; through our general annual catalog (containing all the publications by our member publishers) or the four thematic catalogs; by responding to direct mail campaigns.

Managing subscriptions for institutions

To help major government offices and institutions manage their subscriptions, UNI-Presse centralizes all the subscriptions of the various French Government ministries which have to be sent abroad (to embassies, consulates, cultural centers, French lycées, etc.).


Présence des presses de France dans le monde
Association Loi 1901
President : François-Xavier DEVAUX
112, rue Réaumur – 75080 Paris Cedex 02 – France
tél. +33 (0)1 42 78 37 72 – fax +33 (0)1 42 78 06 57