Privacy Notice and GDPR

UNI-Presse Charter for the Protection of Personal Information


UNI-Presse is an association that seeks to construct durable relationships based on trust with its clients, site users, partners, and employees. This means that the protection of your personal information is important to us; this confidentiality charter is meant to inform you of the manner in which we collect and handle your data, as well as the choices you can make in regulating this activity.

UNI-Presse reserves the right to update this charter in keeping with legal, editorial, and/or technical evolutions.


What does this charter apply to?

This charter for the protection of personal information applies to all of UNI-Presse’s websites, UNI-Presse’s reading applications for tablets, as well as any other data-collecting online outlet belonging to UNI-Presse.

Who is responsible for handling my personal information?

Our services are responsible for the supervision and use of your personal information. Personal data collected via UNI-Presse’s sites, applications, or orders placed with our representatives, are managed by :


UNI-Presse- Association Loi 1901

Based in : 112 rue Réaumur,  75080 Paris Cedex 02 FRANCE

N° Siret : 44879427100024

Déclaré à la préfécture de police de PARIS


Why do we collect personal information?

PRISMA MEDIA may be brought to collect and handle factual and behavioral information on its clients and other users of its websites to interpret interaction with its content (the ensemble of this information is to be understood as “personal information”).

UNI-Presse collects and analyzes only necessary personal data, for the following ends:


Order supervision and client relations

When you subscribe to a publication or place an order, we need certain necessary pieces of information in order to manage and ensure the successful placement of your order, the shipping of your publication(s), billing, financial management, and any potential returns or post-sale services.


Personalized service and notifications

When you create an account on our website, or you choose to sign up for our newsletters or commercial releases, your information will be analyzed in order to help us personalize the services and products that we propose, as well as the notifications we may send you pertaining to our services. For example, we may show you press titles that are similar to ones you have already ordered or inform you of discounts in which you may be interested.


Statistical studies and client familiarity

UNI-Presse may collect and analyze your personal information in order to create statistical studies, analyses, polls, or other audience measurements relating to our websites (for example, the most visited pages, how much time is spent on them). The goal is to deepen our knowledge about our clients and users, in order to improve our offers and client services such as User Experience on our website.


Fighting fraud and reinforcing security

Some personal data is collected because it is indispensable to our ability to manage cases of failed payment, as well as to verify users’ identity and fight attempts at fraud, identity theft, or any other malicious use of technology around our websites.


What kind of personal information does UNI-Presse collect?

We are occasionally brought to collect and analyse your personal data. In doing so, we base what we collect and analyse on several guiding legal principals :


The personal information that we collect are consensual; this consent is provided when you fill out forms on our website or with our communications team, when you download information online, when you place an order or subscribe to an online UNI-Presse service, or when you participate in contests, polls, sign up for our newsletters, or open an email, as well as in your correspondance with our teams.


More precisely, we collect information about:

When your data is being collected, the obligatory or optional nature of the information being requested is marked by an asterisk (*).


Does UNI-Presse use cookies and other identification tools?

Setting up cookies

When you visit our websites, UNI-Presse can store information about your visit on its web terminal. This information takes the form of “cookies” or similar files. The role of cookies is to identify an internet user when he or she uses one of our sites, and to facilitate his or her user experience.

Cookies are also used in order to:

Retain the possibility of identifying you and accessing information pertinent to your account (stocked on UNI-Presse’s web terminals) in order to offer you better customer service. These cookies are activated when you sign up or log in to a service, and are modified when you log out. This helps us:

– Evaluate UNI-Presse’s site traffic and audience

– Evaluate demographic information for our advertisers.

UNI-Presse reserves the right to set up cookies on the user’s hard drive terminal visiting our websites, in order to save information relating to his or her navigation on our site terminal.


Data linked to navigation

When you navigate our websites, you leave information-technology traces named “log files” that are used to orient our editorial and promotional content to your tastes. This information is only collected on our website and are not re-used on your next visit.

Cookies cannot interpret the data on your local hard drive. Most Internet navigators also allow hard drives to delete cookies from your hard drive as well as to prevent their being set up their in the first place. You can also choose to be notified when cookies are set up in your terminal. You have the option to refuse the installation of cookies or to choose stricter settings; usually the help tab in your internet browser can help with this.


Does UNI-Presse share your personal data?

The users of our internet sites may create a user account in order to enjoy the best of our services. In order to do this, we ask for an email address and a password. This password should remain secret and you should limit access to your computer and/or mobile devices, and be careful to log off once you are finished using our services.

Your personal data is saved in our databases or those of our service provider.

UNI-Presse does not share your information with commercial partners. However, your information is susceptible to be communicated in-house between our teams (for example between client services and accounting), as well as to editing houses and the subscription management team responsible for the publication you’ve ordered, and possible to our service providers (such as for payment, and Web agencies that manage certain online operations on our site), but only when entirely necessary. UNI-Presse obliges its service providers to respect the applicable laws on information protection and privacy and that our users confidentiality be respected. It is worthy of note that some of our service providers are outside of the European Union.


How long is data stored?

The information that you communicate to us via your user account and order history are stored for up to five years from your last activity (purchase, account login, subscription renewal…). This data will be archived with limited access in order to perform certain legal duties as related, for example, to accounting. Once the legal time limit has passed, your information will be deleted, besides for cases in which certain data will be made anonymous.

Your login information on UNI-Presse’s websites will only be stored for up to thirteen months.


What rights do you have regarding the collection and management of your personal information?

Concerning the collection and management of your personal data, you possess several rights according to the Informatique et Libertés law of January 6, 1978.


In order to exercise your rights, you may:

-Delete your personal data by filling the form attached to this page

-Directly effect changes and corrections to your personal information in your preferences, by logging into your user account on our site.

-Contact client services or email us regarding your request at vosdonneespersonnelles@uni-presse.fr, or by mail to


112 Rue Réaumur 75080 Paris Cedex 02

-Unsubscribe to our newsletters and emails by clicking the link to unsubscribe, available in all of our emails.


Please note that for our teams to effectively take care of your request, it is best for you to write us and include a copy of a valid piece of identification and your signature. When we receive it, UNI-Presse commits to responding to your query within a month. Depending upon the complexity of the request, this delay may be longer; in this case, we will inform you.