When will I receive the first issue of my print subscription?

Following the validation of your order, UNI-Presse communicates your purchase to the editor of your subscription. The latter will thus take on the registration of your subscription and will ensure its shipment. You will receive the first issue of your print subscription according to the editor’s habitual delivery time.

Therefore, your subscription’s delivery time is dependent upon the internal calendar of the magazine and its editing company. Your wait time will also depend upon the country to which the subscription is to be shipped.


Do you have a problem with receiving your issues?

We are sorry for this malfunction. If you do not receive your subscription, here are some preliminary checks to be carried out before contacting our Customer Service:

  • Make sure that the address given when you placed your order (see confirmation email and “my account”) is correct and indicate any additional information that could help the postman.
  • Make sure that the last name entered in the delivery address is on the mailbox.
  • Consult the start date and/or the first issue to be received which is indicated in your personal space (one to two months after the order).

Habitual delivery times for your print subscription:


In Metropolitan France 

  • Dailies and weeklies:

2-5 weeks


  • Monthlies:

4-8 weeks


  • Bi-monthlies and quarterlies:

4-14 weeks


Outside Metropolitan France 

It may take longer for you to receive your subscription if you reside outside of Metropolitan France, including due to delays caused by the current public health context. Rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that you receive your print subscription in a timely manner.