Je lis déjà

Specially designed to help your child over 6 begin learning to read. Je Lis Déjà offers stories, complete comic strips, and plenty of games. Help your child take their first independent steps into the world of reading. This magazine will guide your child as they discover their vocabulary and the world of literature! New readers will quickly develop a love of the written word, and parents will have a fun moment seeing literary classics in a new light. Together, there’s something in this magazine for each member of the family !

In each issue of Je Lis Déjà, kids will get:

  • An adventure story with beautiful illustrations
  • Complete vintage comic strips: Gaston Lagadde, Griott & Mungo, Akissi
  • Games to learn how to spell all while having fun: crosswords, fill-in-the-blank, find-the-difference games, coloring, and more.
  • Games to help kids work on their English, thanks to an iOS and Android-compatible app!
  • Current events adapted to children’ age: books, exhibits, ecology, movies, and more.

Discover Je lis déjà and all our other fun youth titles. Our catalog is available in French as well as English, and we ship to over 190 countries worldwide. Subscribe today and ensure a moment of fun and learning for the whole family!


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