Astrapi, kids’ new best friend!

From 7 to 11 years old, is your pre-teen is full of new ideas? So is Astrapi! Opening up to the world, getting to know each other better, reading, tinkering, learning, playing, getting active, philosophizing, exchanging, and sharing jokes with friends… that’s what Astrapi’s all about! This magazine takes on different themes to help kids discover the world and decode the news. It also provides the keys to getting to know each other better and living together peacefully. Between comics, games, and jokes, this magazine will help your child grow and have fun.

Also, find stories, comics such as LULU, and adventures with heroes who teach kids strong values. They’ll be equipped to rise to life’s occasions in part thanks to the books and magazines they read now.

Giving your child a subscription to Astrapi will bring them a playdate with a great friend twice a month! If you want to offer your child quality entertainment, and for them to benefit from fun and reliable information, then subscribe to Astrapi. Find all our youth subscriptions, as well as our 6/9 years old magazine titles. Our site is also available in French, and we ship all over the world!


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