Baïka is a magazine for children and pre-teens from 8 to 12 years of age. It allows kids to learn about new countries, all the while sensitizing them to cultural diversity. Through legends and meetings with interesting characters, kids discover a new part of the world. Each issue mixes fiction, documentary, and games, to help kids discover new cultures.

Thanks to cool comic strips, Baïka helps kids discover reading in a new format. Mixing dialogue bubbles and colorful illustrations, this magazine will bring them on huge adventures. Plus, they’ll come out more cultured thanks to their discoveries of other country’s traditions and histories.

Dive into unknown legacies in Baïka’s fun stories and myths. Explore a new country thanks to interviews with locals, where kids will learn about daily life in different places and cultures. Kids will discover parts of the world vastly different from their own. You’ll also get fun reports from our young explorers.

Published with Editions Salmantina, this magazine is an original source of inspiration and learning for your curious kid. If you’re a parent, you’ll also have fun reading our vivid documentaries. So that your child never has to be without new adventures, we ship to over 190 countries! And be sure to check out our site in French.


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