With Virgule, never make another grammar or spelling mistake! Your teenager get clear solutions to avoid language traps. They’ll make progress in subjects like grammar and spelling, all while enriching their general culture. In Virgule magazine, teens will learn fascinating facts on the etymology of words and the logic of syntax.

Plus, they’ll learn about great authors of today and yesteryear. What greater gift than the love of literature?

In each issue, you will find illustrated articles, where teens will learn about literature from Antiquity to today. Meet history’s great authors and their works, along with loads of other cool features. For example, writer’s home recipes and favorite foods. Who could forget Proust’s madeleine, quand même! With your Virgule subscription, you and your teen will learn about the evolutions of the French language thanks to a comic strip on the origin of new words.

New! Discover the “Café Littéraire”: book reviews, comics, games, contests… A way to share your discoveries and cultivate your love of literature. And that’s not all — you’ll become a veritable grammar whiz, too.

Subscribe to Virgule to help young readers aged 12 to 15 discover the vastness of the French language. And check out the rest of our junior’s catalog while you’re here!


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