Your child’s best friend for middle school and beyond. You’ll find responses to all your pre-teen’s questions, all in order to prepare them for a bright future. Okapi knows that everyone grows up!

Published twice a month.

Okapi is a middle school kid’s best friend! This magazine will bring you in-depth, educated answers to all of your pre-teen’s most pressing questions. Thanks to its open-minded outlook on the world and the people in it, this magazine has everything a pre-teen needs to help them prepare for the years ahead.

Adolescence is an intense period of self-reflection and reflection on the world around us. Helping kids to associate intellect and relaxation, Okapi is here to tackle big questions and make pre-teens feel understood. Every two weeks, this magazine brings 9-13 year olds a veritable voyage around the world. With new perspectives and explorations, the worlds mystery will show itself for the wonder that it is.

Each issue of Okapi brings the latest from around the world straight to your doorstep.

  • 3 pages dedicated to events around the world
  • 6-8 pages on an important theme in today’s society. It could be in medicine, economy, environment, you name it!
  • 2 pages illustrated by a renowned artist, helping kids develop a visual understanding of a new subject
  • 4 comic strips
  • 4 pages dedicated to teen’s biggest questions
  • 5 pages on culture, helping pre-teens keep up to date on the latest books, music, movies, and more.

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