Le Monde des Ados



Le Monde des Ados decrypts the world for your preteen. This bimonthly magazine is a great middle-school companion !

It includes reports, interviews of famous people, photographs, and a section on an important subject, so that kids better understand the world around them and develop their critical thinking skills. They’ll come to know everything about music, books and cinema thanks to the dedicated articles, always written by consummate professionals. Plus, your kids will get answers to many of the personal questions preteens begin to ask themselves !Read more

Each issue contains in-depth articles of 6-8 pages on an important subject in current events. This way, kids will have reliable information with which to analyze the event in question. Useful for school projects as well as in their day-to-day lives, Le Monde des Ados is a great companion for kids about to enter their adolescent years.

Offering your kid a subscription to Le Monde des Ados will allow them to thrive in school and in adult discussions. Plus, UNI-Presse ships all over the world !

Because we believe that you should always have access to your favorite publications, we ship to over 190 countries. Plus, delivery is free! While you’re here, don’t hesitate to check out our other Youth publications.




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