Images Doc

Is your child curious? Do they want to understand everything about the world around them? Filled with science, nature, history, animals, and more, Images Doc explores all the subjects your 9-13 year olds have burning questions about. Issue after issue, they’ll develop their critical thinking and their curiosity will become ever-sharper. Kids will learn how to debate serious subjects, whether with their friends or in class — a skill that will accompany them for the rest of their lives. This review brings kids the latest discoveries in science, archeology, and more. All of this is delivered in fun, accessible language that makes this magazine a pleasure to read.

With each issue of Images Doc, kids will get:

  • An in-depth report on an  important subject
  • A historical comic strip
  • Photo essays on animals
  • Scientific experiments to do at home
  • Fun trivia !

Kids will get to know the world around them through a host of different mediums, keeping their minds and reasoning agile.

Give your child a subscription to Images Doc, and give them the joy of learning ! Check out our other youth magazines while you’re here, and don’t forget that our catalog is also available in French!

They’ll discover the world around them through amazing photo essays, historic comic strips, illustrations, and scientific experiments.


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