Le Journal de Mickey

Le Journal de Mickey is a weekly magazine that makes young readers happy! Full of fun and important facts, this magazine is a great blend of comics, educational games, and fascinating articles.

Each week, Le Journal de Mickey will bring you adventures with Disney heroes and the wonderful world of everyone’s favorite mouse, Mickey! Each issue also contains hilarious comic strips for kids and parents alike. With each issue, you’ll get taken along on adventures throughout the world, and learn about fascinating subjects. From sports to science, your little one will be bursting with everything they learn from each magazine!

Plus, each issue of Le Journal de Mickey concentrates all the newest in the Disney universe. You’ll get up-to-date on Disney’s most popular stars — with inspiring stories for the whole family! Plus, loads of surprises are waiting for you and your child in each publication. You’ll get collector’s posters and other goodies, too.

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