Super Picsou géant

Super Picsou Géant, Disney’s best comic strip, brings kids the best adventures with their favorite characters! Games and gags complete this bi-monthly, making it both educational and fun. All this will bring kids and grown-ups loads of laughter and learning! Who doesn’t love Disney? Indeed, these characters will be familiar to family members across generations, from the oldest to the very youngest. With this magazine, you’ll get fun for the whole family. Plus, artful publications you’ll want to keep around!

Super Picsou Géant teaches kids to read in a totally new way. Comic strips will help children work on their reading, while also teaching them to do so in different forms. Illustrations made by talented artists and designers enliven these pages for readers of all ages.

Complete your magazine collection with a subscription to Super Picsou Géant ! At UNI-Presse, you’ll find your favorite titles at the very best prices. While you’re here, you can also check out our other children’s publications. And for grown ups, be sure to stop by our Lifestyle section ! To make sure that you don’t miss a beat with your favorite Disney characters, we ship to over 190 countries.

Attention: issues are sent out the month before they appear in stores.


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