Subscription Curionautes des Sciences

Take your child on science adventures

Curionautes des sciences is a science discovery and learning magazine for children ages 8 and over. It gets all children excited about science by combining scientific concepts and fun stories.

This magazine offers material on a range of disciplines such as biology, astronomy, physics and many others that will allow your child to broaden their spectrum and thus develop their analytical skills.


Every month, you will find:

  • a great scientific adventure story;
  • a large poster summarising the discoveries made by the heroes;
  • the story of an invention or discovery that has revolutionised the world;
  • tests to help children discover the scientific professions they might be interested in;
  • a fill-in observation booklet accompanying each issue.

Thanks to this magazine, your child will be able to:

  • Develop their critical thinking and analysis skills.
  • Understand the world around them.
  • Enrich their personal knowledge of specific scientific topics.
  • Open their curiosity to scientific approaches.


If you want your child to fall in love with science through storytelling and humour, then  subscribe to Curionautes des sciences magazine.

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