Georges is a fun magazine for kids. It’ll bring your children loads of hilarious stories, helping them have fun while they learn. In each issue, you’ll get a beautifully-illustrated, captivating story to enjoy with your child. Plus, you’ll get loads of games so that kids can reflect and discover while having a great time. Professions are explained to kids, so they can project themselves into the future! Plus, you’ll get great recipes for the whole family. Many moments of bonding with your child are guaranteed. Each issue also contains a scientific experiment to try at home, plus a special report on an artist or current event.

Kids will come out cultured and happy thanks to Georges. Plus, this review will even help them begin to learn a foreign language. All this is brought to you without any ads! Georges also takes on only the best and most contemporary artists and illustrators.

In each issue of Georges, you’ll find an illustrated story, various games, a new profession, a recipe, a scientific experiment and even a focus on the work of an illustrator. You can also learn a new foreign language, and it is entirely free of advertisements.

UNI-Presse also recommends Graou, also published by Maison Georges Publishing (formerly known as Editions Grains de Sel). Your children will love these magazines! And for parents, check out our lifestyle magazines while you’re here!



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