Graou is a great first magazine for small children beginning to play, draw, and have fun. Thanks to a complete guide, your child will begin to develop his or her imagination, nourish his or her curiosity, and become more independent.

This specially-conceived format offers quality illustrations, stories written by Graou, and texts like rhymes, poems, and songs. What’s more, you’ll find educational activities like coloring, crafts, and more. All of this brought together in a childlike universe without any advertising. Most importantly, it will help your child learn while having fun! You’ll share great bonding moments with your child thanks to this magazine.
Graou contains beautiful illustrations that kids will love. Its different contents will help kids learn new words. There are also fun activities to help their mental agility and their growing creativity. Here, you’ll find activities they can do alone or with friends and family — cut-outs, coloring pages, and even small construction projects. This magazine brings you and your child into a fun world of color and imagination. All of this is brought to you without any ads, so that you and your child can focus on having fun and learning.

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UNI-Presse has loads of magazines for kids, as well as lifestyle magazines for parents! Graou ships all over the world, so your child can maintain their links with French language wherever they may be. While you’re here, be sure to check out our French website, too !

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