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Subscription Pomme d’api

Pomme d’api

Teeny-tots' favorite magazine. For 3-7 year-old.

With Pomme d’Api, your little one will have a magazine all for themselves! Every month you’ll find loads of surprises to share. In each issue, you’ll get bedtime stories, cute little heroes much like your child, drawing and invention games, and answers to their never-ending “Why?”s !

Every month, get quality fun and learning with your child!

They’ll discover their favorite heroes, who will help them learn, imagine, create, play, and make!

Every month Pomme d’Api brings you

  • an illustrated story to tickle the imagination
  • drawings to color in for fun
  • heroes who will take you on grand adventures
  • and plenty of surprises!

Plus, with your subscription, your child will get access to Bayard Milan’s youth website for even more fun!

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Subscription Pomme d’api

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