Mille et une histoires

Mille et une histoires : The place to be for bedtime stories with your child!

Mille et une histoires is a monthly collection of beautifully illustrated tales and stories on a specific theme. Telling them means rediscovering and transmitting the wonderful tales that lulled our own early childhood. Are you tired of reading the same story to your child every night? Mille et une histoire offers you a varied range of narratives, with 11 issues per year.

A few pages reserved for parents explain the origins and deeper meaning of these stories. Enjoy a moment of shared reading every evening! Share precious moments with your children thanks to this magazine!

UNI-Presse invites you to discover other titles for kids 3 to 6 years old. If you wish to benefit from a wider and more varied range of bedtime stories for your children, and benefit from an explanation of the origin of these tales, then subscribe to Mille et une histoires to better lull your children to sleep. Find all our economical subscriptions, as well as our specialized press titles. UNI-Presse delivers in 190 countries, and our catalog is also available in French.

To access the digital version, go to the publisher’s website and create an account with your subscription number


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