Get your issue of Pirouette magazine every month — the magazine for smart kids. 60 pages ideal for satisfying kids’ curiosity.

As soon as your child starts kindergarten, everything suddenly becomes of interests him. Pirouette is the magazine for inquisitive kids. Here you’ll find discoveries of all kinds, stories, comics, illustrated files to answer his questions, and a book of games for kids to do by themselves. Each month, kids will find their favorite heroes: Paul and Chloé, Les Zazous and of course Pirouette, the mischievous monkey!

Children will find articles on fascinating subjects such as animals and dinosaurs. Plus, they’ll get short pages of current events to learn about the world around them in a simple and fun way. Pirouette is made for children who like to learn while having fun. Here they will find answers to the everyday scientific phenomena that they’re so intrigued by!

There is also a subscription offer with 4 additional special issues to learn all about animals.

While you’re here, don’t hesitate to check out our other childhood magazines. Our catalog is also available in French, and we deliver to over 190 countries.

To access the digital version, go to the publisher’s website and create an account with your subscription number.


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