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Petites filles a la vanille

Les P’tites Filles à la Vanille

The magazine for creative and inventive little girls

By subscribing to Les P’tites Filles à la Vanille, you’ll share special moments with your daughter (3-6 years).

Each month, Les P’tites filles à la Vanille comes filled with fun stories, activities, and educational games, helping your daughter explore and understand the world.

The magazine is filled with interactive activities for you to enjoy with your daughter :

  • Games
  • Cartoon strips with the adventures of Vanille, Nina, and friends
  • Stories and illustrations
  • Recipes and crafts: fun for the whole family!

With our new offer, you’ll also receive :

  • The adventures of princess Bêtise,
  • A hide-and-seek game on animals and their environment.

As a bonus with your yearly subscription :

4 issues of Abricot Jeux filled with coloring pages, drawing games, and songs…




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  • To subscribe for this country, please contact UNI-Presse by phone +33 (0)1 42 78 37 72 or by email:
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Petites filles a la vanille

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