Sorcières, released monthly, offers 100 pages of pure creativity. Reserved for smart pre-teens, each issue is filled with fun and mind-bending activities. Because Sorcières believes that kids need a wide variety of different information to keep them stimulated and engaged, Sorcières offers a wide range of subject matter for youngsters who are filled with questions and curiosity. Reading and learning while having a blast, that’s what Sorcières brings to young readers. Each issue includes:

  • A thematic report on current events to help kids better understand our changing world
  • Exclusive interviews with celebrities and other figures
  • Fun activities, such as comic strips and brain teasers. And who could forget the coloring pages!
  • Personality quizzes
  • A section featuring questions from readers for writers at Sorcières 
  • DIY activities, to learn how to make new things!
  • Fashion pages reporting on the latest trends
  • A 50-page collectible novel. It can be taken anywhere thanks to its detachable format!

Sorcières offers richly-illustrated fun for pre-teens, all while encouraging them to think critically about the world around them. And don’t forget – we ship to over 190 countries, and our catalog is also available in English.

To access the digital version, go to the publisher’s website and create an account with your subscription number 

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