Le Point

Le Point is a weekly magazine about national and international current events. More importantly, you’ll get the in-depth analysis you need to know. You’ll read about today’s current events in order to understand tomorrow thanks to Le Point.

With rigor, conviction, and an open mind, Le Point brings readers thorough analysis on political, economic, social and cultural news in France and abroad. Great insight and editorial commitment are never missing from their diverse and expert reporting.

Le Point brings readers all the latest in political news from around the world. You’ll dive into debates, getting diverse points of view from different actors thanks to exclusive interviews. You’ll also discover economic phenomenons and be brought to understand their underlying mechanisms.

Plus, this weekly magazine brings you all the latest in culture and society to help you better understand the world around you.

Subscribe to Le Point with UNI-Presse! Both digital and print versions are available, for one-year or 6-month subscriptions. You will receive the French version in France and international version abroad. Please note that the international version doesn’t include ads. Because we believe that you should get your favorite titles no matter where you live, we ship for free to over 190 countries!

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