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Paris Match

Paris Match

Life is a true story

With its eyes on the world for over 60 years, Paris Match brings its readers all the most important news. Captivating reporting and testimonials make every week with this magazine a lively affair! Thanks to this magazine, you will know everything about the world and lives of the most famous celebrities. Every week, you’ll receive the latest French and international news through the eyes of Paris Match‘s editorial team.

From Alain Delon to the “Royal Baby,” nothing in the world of VIP will fly under your radar with Paris Match. Featuring excellent photography, professionally-written articles, and unique archives, you’ll be an expert on all things famous.

Plus, with your subscription to Paris Match, you’ll also be kept up-to-date on the world of current events. The lives of numerous personalities is taken on in these pages. You’ll know more about the intimate details of others’ lives thanks to this magazine.

Discover our subscription offers to Paris Match! You’ll get your favorite magazine at an unbeatable price, with shipping to 190 countries! Plus, don’t forget to check out our other General News titles and Lifestyle!

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Paris Match

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