Life is better when you read Libération!


Founded in 1973 at the initiative of Jean-Paul Sartre and Maurice Clavel, Libération is a left-wing newspaper specialised in political news and information.

Libération is a free, circumspect and committed daily newspaper. It aims at providing thorough and verified information across every domain. Free of prejudice or complacency, its investigations and analyses seek to understand and describe current events, but also to reveal changes in societies and cultures. It deciphers all news on a continuous basis so as not to miss any news on Politics, International Affairs, Society, Sports, The Environment, Science, etc. The newspaper’s editorial team analyses major events through a left-wing prism in hard-hitting articles. Every day, you will find current hot topics as well as exclusive reports and in-depth articles on societal developments.

A print subscription to Libération also gives you access to their website, which is updated daily with more information, more reactions to events and more supporting documents. We deliver your newspaper right to your doorstep in more than 190 countries around the world.

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