Every week, get everything you need to know about finance with Challenges.

Challenges is the magazine of choice for investors and actors searching for the best financial strategies. Once a week, you’ll receive over 50 pages dedicated to economic and political news, decrypted and analyzed for you. Here you’ll find out everything you need to know about market evolutions, along with the best advice from industry specialists. Once a week, get the essential political and economic news from France and around the world. In-depth reports on important social subjects, pages of advice for your career, and more. Subjects include:

  • Fortune 500: Photo essays and the biggest busts of the year
  • 2021 diplomas
  • Real estate: everything changes
  • 100 start-ups to invest in
  • 100 women changing the world
  • Inheritance: how to pass on your wealth
  • Amazon dares everything: no scruples, no limits

Challenges has already been adopted by many business enthusiasts and will keep you informed about the players shaping business life and stock market developments. Do you want to optimize the management of your assets and your interests? Learn how thanks to the advice of the best specialists recognized by the business world. Real estate, investments, stocks, career, all the subjects that interest you are covered!

An essential weekly magazine to stay on top of things! Stay ahead of the economic news: Subscribe! Our catalog is also available in French.





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