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La Revue des sciences de gestion

La Revue des sciences de gestion

Business management

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La Revue des sciences de gestion

La Revue des sciences de gestion is a bi-monthly journal that has been providing a forum for original and innovative management research for the past fifty years. As such, there is no bias at the level of the presented information. Plus, readers will appreciate that this publication is an independent and international journal.

Thanks to its 700 dedicated pages, executives, managers, and academics will benefit from new contributions to research.

La Revue des sciences de gestion dedicates all of its research to corporate management. Plus, it brings readers a multidisciplinary synthesis of ideas. Readers will find current news and research in all fields of interest to managerial organizations. Both students and professionals alike can benefit from a subscription to this magazine. With La Revue des sciences de gestion, you’ll be at the top of your game.

The themes presented by the magazine are diverse:

  • organization: planning for collaborative teamwork
  • human relations: group cooperation and dynamics
  • finance: management and tracking .
  • marketing: giving priority to the expectations and needs of customers.
  • R&D: being in perpetual evolution to discover new methods.
  • data processing

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