La Lettre de l’expansion

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Browse the electronic version of La Lettre de l’expansion on a dedicated site, wherever you are in the world. You will be able to benefit from information reserved for subscribers. Receive your newspaper and its columns in digital format every week, for a more in-depth analysis of the week’s events.

Starting at 6:00 a.m. French time, get economic news articles related to the world of business, markets and finance. The world of the stock market is in perpetual motion. If you don’t want to miss a golden opportunity or important information, the best thing is to stay informed! La lettre de l’expansion is  focused on the stock market and finance. Readers will also find political news to complete your understanding of the market.

New facts and analyses are available live on the site every day, so don’t delay and take advantage of this reference in its field, at the best possible price! Subscribe now to better understand what’s at stake in today’s society.

Are you interested in economic and business news? Discover all our subscription offers to magazines on the topics of economics and management. We ship worldwide, and be sure not to forget that our catalog is available in French.

The digital version will be sent by the publisher. You will receive your first issue within 2 weeks of your order’s validation.


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