Mieux vivre votre argent

Mieux vivre votre argent: discover a new way to manage your assets!

Mieux vivre votre argent is a monthly magazine that informs and advises you on your assets. It guides you to independently manage your assets, your money, your investments and your insurance. You will also find the best advice to reduce your taxes, benefit from tax advantages, as well as to prepare your retirement and your estate.

Want to know more about the world economic situation and your rights as a citizen? Mieux vivre votre argent is for you. From real estate prices to cryptocurrency, and from managing your wealth to declaring your income, everything is covered. Find out even more with the annual special issue, which offers you a guide to investing.

Each month, the magazine opens its pages to you for a dynamic, positive and responsible view on management and the economy.

If you want to learn more about the management of your assets, and benefit from useful and reliable information, then subscribe to Mieux vivre votre argent, the reference magazine in the French financial press, to better understand the world around you. Find all our economic subscriptions, as well as our specialized press titles. We ship worldwide and our catalog is also available in French.


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