Go English

Go English is the magazine that will help you perfect your English, no matter what your level. Each issue is adapted to readers’ needs.

With Go English, you’ll learn everything you need to know about anglophone culture. Plus, you’ll get loads of in-depth articles on News, Traveling, Languages, Lifestyle, Celebrities, and more. Improve your English all while having fun, and developing your knowledge on other subjects. This magazine is filled with fun games to help you improve. Thanks to audio CDs, you’ll improve your comprehension, intonation, and pronunciation. What’s more, at the end of each article, you can quiz yourself and get annotated vocabulary lists. Plus, at the end of each article, you’ll get the chance to evaluate your level and consult a vocabulary list.

Go English is the magazine you need to help you improve your English, and have fun while you do it! You’ll also gain access to interactive exercises available on the internet.

If you’d like to develop your language skills while having fun, subscribe to Go English today. Plus, check out our vast catalog of knowledge magazines that will help you learn. We ship to 190 countries around the world, and our catalog is also available in French.

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