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Learning English can be fun!


With I Love English for Kids, learning English becomes child’s play. This magazine is perfect for 9 to 13-year-olds. Carefully put together by English-speaking journalists, each issue comes with articles that slowly introduce your child to the basics of language learning through subjects of interest. Every issue is also accompanied by a glossary of new words.


Reasons to subscribe to I Love English Kids:

  1. Learn English, meet people and open up to the world.
  2. Improve your English with a variety of materials like print, CD and digital.
  3. Get better grades and career opportunities.
  4. A magazine adapted to your child’s needs and age.

Each month, your children will progress at their own pace thanks to:

  • exciting reports;
  • amusing comic strips;
  • an audio CD to get their hearing used to the pronunciation of words, to familiarise themselves with accents, and to practise pronouncing words out loud;
  • Play & Learn online activities: 75 online games and videos to learn in a different way!


With I Love English for Kids, the whole family can learn English!

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