Vertical is a leading reference magazine on all things mountain sports, from the Alpines to the Himalayas. Discover more about expeditions all over the world thanks to Vertical. From beginners to long-time enthusiasts, there’s something for everyone in these pages. You will be kept abreast of the very latest news in the field. The amazing climbing and wilderness feats will tickle your imagination. Here, quality imagery accompanies incredible personal testimony. From historical treks to the current day, Vertical takes you all around the world with history’s greatest mountain men. You never know what you’ll learn with each new issue of Vertical!

In Vertical, you’ll learn all about the latest in today’s mountaineering community. Ethics, style, summits, speed, routes, challenging hikes… Above all, you will experience the incredible sensations of elevation. These photo reports and interviews will transport you to the top of the highest mountains. Indeed, you’ll learn all about these remote and stunning sites. Subscribing to Vertical means exploring places you’ve only dreamt of. Discover the landscapes waiting for you all around the world.

Our catalog is also available in English, and we ship to over 190 countries! Don’t hesitate, subscribe to the top magazine in mountain sports, for yourself or a loved one, today!


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