Kiteboarder brings you along to explore new horizons, between the sky and the ocean. Experts bring you in-depth material tests and technical advice on the most exciting new gear and techniques. Tricks and manœuvres are explained in photo sequences. Plus, you’ll get info on secret or distant locations that are perfect for kiteboarding. You’ll get everything you need to know to progress safely. If you’re a kitesurfing enthusiast, you’ll find loads of great advice to get you even more familiar with your favorite sport.

There’s loads to learn about this activity that’s all about the freedom of the glide. Subscribing to Kiteboarder also means finding out about places you’ve never seen before. Plus, you never need to be far from all the latest on your top hobby — we ship to over 190 countries, so we’re never too far away. We believe that press should be accessible no matter where you are, which is also why our shipping is free! Don’t wait any longer to make sure you’ll stay up-to-date on Kiteboarder. And while you’re here, stop by our Lifestyle section and check out other magazines related to your favorite things to do ! From sports to cooking to automobiles, here you’ll find something for absolutely everyone !


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