So Foot

So Foot is the leading sports magazine that incorporates culture, politics, and society. The most relevant and critical sports magazine in kiosks, it includes in-depth investigations and exciting, rigorous reporting. You’ll get a 360° view on soccer, with the best content and analysis, all from leading experts in the field. With irreproachable editorial standards, So Foot stays ahead of the game with its expert journalists. The magazine’s independence and editorial commitment makes this possible. You won’t miss a beat in football news, and you’ll have all the latest info ready to share on game night.

With your subscription to So Foot, every month you’ll get interviews, in-depth dossiers, and the wildest stories from your favorite sport. You can always count on an original angle and a perspective that sees soccer for the social force it is. At the top of its game for years, this is perhaps the most referential soccer magazine on the market.

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