GQ, Gentlemen’s Quarterly, is the magazine that speaks to men in a new and different way. Hovering between gravity and lightness, GQ is the monthly magazine for a new generation of men, curious about and sensitive to the world around them. Following its long tradition, this magazine develops a masculine vision of daily life — whatever that’s supposed to mean! GQ offers its readers continuous “updates” mixing seriousness and lightness, dream and accessibility. Thus, rigorous analysis lies at the editorial heart of the magazine. There are also stories : of men, women and daily exploits. It offers real instruction, manual and analytic.

GQ is a 100% men’s monthly! For men who are active, trendy and want to know everything about men’s fashion, this is the magazine for you. In addition, it offers music and movie news with major cultural events. For car fans, you can find out about the latest car models available on the market. And don’t forget all about design, luxury accessories such as watches and shoes.

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