terre de vins

Terre de vins is the reference magazine for all fans of French wines and good food! Get the latest news on wine and its production, as well as information on the people who make them. Discover the mysteries of French wine-making.

These pages allow the reader to discover thematic selections in wines, champagnes and spirits. There are also portraits of winemakers and winegrowers, and perfect gourmet recipe pairings. Terre de vins also brings readers great recipes to pair with their favorite drinks. You’ll be able to prepare the meal of your dreams, impressing friends and family. You’ll also find out more about the most picturesque French vineyards. These picturesque walks through beautiful, historical vineyards will bring you the visual delicacy of the French wine world. Articles are written by experts in their field, journalists renowned for their expertise in the domain. You’ll also find pages upon pages of beautiful photography, transporting you to the sunny vineyards of the Hexagon.

And with the 3 specials included in your subscription, you’ll discover a new art of living via wine tourism. And while you’re here, be sure to check out our other Lifestyle publications!

As Rabelais said, “No noble man hates good wine”!



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