Régal is the must-have culinary magazine. Every two months, its pages will greet you with joyful and inspired cuisine that will make you want to don your apron and fully commit to home cooking.

By subscribing to Régal, you will learn to cook inventive recipes using seasonal products!

Each issue comes with delicious and creative recipes. Discover the regions and their specialties. Get advice and tips from chefs and follow the latest culinary trends.

A responsible and inspired magazine for varied and balanced seasonal menus.

Régal is a culinary helper for lovers of ‘good food’ – good for the taste buds, good for you and good for the planet. A culinary delight!

Content: reports, surveys, shopping and test stands for better eating. By subscribing to the No. 1 gastronomic magazine, you will defend ‘good cooking’ – good for the taste buds, good for you and good for the planet.

The magazine is filled with hundreds of easy and delicious recipes and also offers advice cooking and entertaining advice!

With Régal, you will master the art of dining.

Régal offers a wide range of accessible and delicious recipes, seasonal menus and advice from top chefs. A monthly source of product selections, great locations, a ‘better eating’ column, a wine list, a detachable list, and much more.

Bring the art of gastronomy to your table with Régal and delight your friends and family!

Discover the entire Cuisine/Gastronomiy offer from UNI-Presse!

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