With Artisans, you’ll discover the very best in French ancestral knowledge. Whether it’s a question of breads, pastries, chocolates, or ice creams, each issue will bring you keys to French gourmet.

Along with this know-how, Artisans will introduce you to rising talents in the field. With each issue, you’ll dive into the wonderful world of gourmet cooking. Guided by a leading French expert in their subject, each page brings new discoveries.

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Plus, you’ll also get pages upon pages of professional culinary photography. Each ingredient is presented beautifully, lending this magazine a lovely aesthetic quality. Plus, reporting by our consummate professionals  will leave you fascinated by the culinary possibilities available here.

What could be better than learning from a leading French expert in their subject? With each issue, a new, special ingredient is the order of the day.

Artisans is a magazine that allows you to discover the most beautiful aspects of French culture. Its culinary richness has meant that its flavors have travelled around the world. Wherever you are, this magazine brings you the very best of French cooking.

Because we think that cultural and culinary knowledge should be available to everyone, we ship all over the world. Shipping is free, and available in over 190 countries. And while you’re here, don’t hesitate to check out our other Culture & Leisure publications !


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