Cuisine et Vins de France

Cuisine et Vins de France: your daily fine dining companion!

Cuisine et Vins de France reconciles your desire for quality with your modern, fast-paced lifestyle. You’ll find information on regions and their traditions, as well as articles you can find at your supermarket. This magazine brings readers French specialities along with recipes from regions further-flung! You will become a true expert in French and world cuisine with this esteemed magazine.

These recipes are intended to be accessible, and the wines are chosen for their quality as well as their price point. Thanks to Cuisine et Vins de France, fine dining comes to your home. Get all the tips and tricks you need to help you prepare the most irresistible meals, for yourself, your family, and your friends. Thanks to this magazine, French cuisine is demystified beyond its borders and you’ll have people thinking you spent a year abroad in the Hexagon.

Creative recipes and paired wines, information about products, reported pieces, and wine selections. Everything you need to know about French cuisine, you’ll find it here! Because UNI-Presse is a citizen of the world, just like you, we ship to over 190 countries. Plus, our catalog is available in French.


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