This print magazine is the product of Marmiton’s online success. It quickly became the leading online media outlet in Food & Beverage, featuring loads of recipes.

Marmiton is bursting with flavors and culinary discoveries that no chef can do without! From traditional recipes to the totally novel, you’ll find everything in these pages. Thanks to seasonally-based publishing, you’ll be able to find the best and most appropriate recipes for the time of year. Plus, specially-themes sections are written by experts with great taste and senses of humor!

Discover over 100 accessible recipes for every occasion (Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s day etc.) and loads of practical advice. What’s more, Marmiton selects recipes that have been tried and approved by internet users! Thanks to the multitude of options presented in each issue, you and your loved ones will be tempted to finish off meals by licking the plate!

With a subscription to Marmiton, you’ll be overflowing with the kitchen inspiration contained in these 148 pages. Plus, find even more incredible ideas thanks to our Food and Gastronomy magazines. Make sure you lay the most beautiful table at parties with our Home and garden magazines in our Lifestyle section. Because we think that great food and company should be accessible no matter where you live, we ship to over 190 countries! And while you’re here, be sure to check out our French site, too!

With UNI-Presse, subscribing to French press anywhere in the world is easy !


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