Vital Food

Enliven your body and taste buds with Vital Food!

Vital Food is a dynamic, modern-day cooking magazine. This quarterly revisits the traditional cooking magazine and endows it with the fun and modernity you expect. Delivered very 3 months, it’s a real source of inspiration for putting healthy and tasty meals on your table, every day of the week.

Anchored in seasonality and featuring over 120 balanced recipe ideas, Vital Food gives you the keys to an easy gourmet diet. This magazine is perfect for those who want their meals to look as beautiful as they taste. Indeed, dishes are presented with big, bright photos that do justice to the art of presentation. This magazine is aimed at people in a hurry who want to eat healthy — and enjoy themselves while they do it! It’s full of healthy recipes and food trends, live from the blogosphere, Instagram, and from the kitchens of prestigious restaurants. Because in Vital Food, you will also find the staff’s favorite spots to chow down!

Are you tired of frustrating, restrictive diets?  Subscribe and let yourself be guided through the pleasure of healthy, delicious food!

With UNI-Presse, subscribing to the French press around the world is child’s play! Our catalog is available in French and English.

*To access your digital version, you have to create an account on the publisher’s website. To do this, pick up your subscriber number from the protective film of your paper magazine.

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