Vocable Allemand

Subscribe to Vocable Allemand and improve your German ! 

A subscription to Vocable Allemand will bring you the best of the German press every months, in its original language! You’ll also get translations of difficult vocabulary to help you enrich your knowledge. Plus, you’ll get different articles on fascinating subjects in culture, science, and more. 

With our different subscription offers, you’ll get to work on your pronunciation as well. Choose between:

– Print magazine offer : 23 issues of Vocable in German

– Audio Package Reading offer : Vocable issues +  CDs and reading booklets

– Audio Package Conversation offer : Vocable issues +  CDs and conversation booklets


To go further, take advantage of the links 100% digital dedicated to language learning:
– download it: here
– leaf through it: here


*Your digital publications will be available within 2 hours in your UNI-Presse digital library.




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