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Vocable Espagnol

Vocable Espagnol

The best selection of Spanish newspapers

Does your pre-teen want to learn Spanish? Vocable makes it possible ! A subscription to Vocable Espagnol magazine is the cleverest and funniest way to learn the Spanish language. One of the most-spoken languages in the world, Spanish is a great skill for kids to start developing early. And who knows, maybe you’ll pick up a thing or too as well ! With Vocable, age is nothing but a number — these issues contain fun and learning for the whole family.

If your goal is to improve your Spanish vocabulary,with Vocable Espagnol, every two weeks you’ll receive a selection of the best articles from famous Spanish newspapers like ABC, El País, and more. Culture, environment, society… You will be at the center of Spanish-speaking news and events.

Depending upon the subscription package you choose, you can also listen to interviews and conversation in Spanish, collect grammar revision cards, and train for tests in Spanish.

Check out our subscription offers :

– Print Magazine : 23 print issues of Vocable Spanish

– Audio Reading Package : Vocable print issues +  CDs and reading booklets

– Audio Conversation Package : Vocable print issues +  CDs and conversation booklets

The digital version of Vocable Espagnol is sent by the publisher. You’ll receive the first issue within two weeks following your order’s validation.


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Vocable Espagnol

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