Esprit Yoga

Esprit Yoga is the bi-monthly magazine specifically dedicated to the world of Yoga. It’s the best companion to help you live healthier, more peacefully, and more fulfilled! For amateurs as well as professionals, this is a great guide for your practice. As well as getting advice on your exercises, you’ll also find tips on lifestyle more generally

In each issue of Esprit Yoga, you’ll discover articles on the benefits of yoga, spirituality, sociology, nutrition, ecology, cooking, and more. The magazine will enlighten you on spirituality, because exterior wellbeing begins on the inside. You’ll learn to re-center yourself, your body, and your mind. Sociology and behavior is explained, and you’ll also find articles on nutrition designed to help you eat and feel better. You’ll perfect your balance, internally and externally.

Find great advice on poses challenging and relaxing all through the pages of Esprit Yoga. You’ll find advice on how to progress efficiently but at your own rhythm, all without needing t olive your home. This magazine contains professional insights meant to help you bring your practice to its summer. You’ll get accessible information that’s meant to make Yoga easy for everyone. Plus, you’ll also get articles on beauty, style, and ethical consumption to guide you through day to day life.

Esprit Yoga will help you develop your lifestyle into an art. Because it’s important to combine a healthy body with a healthy mind ! And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out our website in French.

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