La Maison Ecologique

Created in 2001, La Maison Ecologiqueis the leading magazine on eco-friendly construction. Along with being 100% ecological, they’re also 100% independent.

Every two months in La Maison Ecologique, you’ll find special guides, reports, and reviews, helping you build the home of tomorrow. Using traditional and modern building methods, home construction is an essential question for the environment. You’ll get all you need to know about new construction methods. You’ll also get inspiration for your upcoming projects. Make your constructions greener and more durable.

Thanks to real-life reporting, La Maison Ecologique acquaints you with people who have chosen to undertake projects that are environment-friendly. Find out about their experience in order to decipher the best way to go about building your new home. Be sure to make the right choices with the help of comparative studies undertaken by true professionals.

Plus, you’ll get handy practical guides to help you along. You’ll be totally independent as you complete your construction projects. You’ll also save a pretty penny while you do it !

Get all the advice you need to carry out construction on your green construction project! The domain will be demystified by all the information you’ll find in La Maison Ecologique. With all the latest in eco construction, you never need to be far from the information you need. We ship to over 190 countries ! And while you’re here, check out more Lifestyle magazines on our French site.

You can never have too much great advice for renovating or building your very own eco-friendly habitat !




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