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L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui

Are you passionate about architecture, art, and decoration? Don’t hesitate then — L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui is the magazine for you !

Founded in 1930 by André Bloc and Le Corbusier, L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui has helped write the history of architectural thought in France and all over the world. An international bilingual and resolutely contemporary review, it’s also long been open to other disciplines. Today, its ambition is to shed light on architecture. Therefore, each issue is designed to be a complete work unto itself — combining urbanism and design, and including articles on arts, landscapes, and other issues at the heart of the world of architecture.

L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui will bring you along to discover a selection of recent works, works in progress, exhibitions, books, anymore. And that’s not all — you’ll also discover reports on famous or emerging architects.

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